Coder Camps Partnership

Entrepreneurial Start-up

Instead of taking a position within another company, some developers hedge their bets and create digital applications and products of their own. While the pressure associated with such endeavors is much higher, the earning potential is theoretically limitless. In fact, many business CEOs in the 21st century are software engineers by trade; one notable example is Mark Zuckerberg, a computer programmer whose side project, “facemash,” would later evolve into the largest social network on the planet, Facebook.

Regardless of whether a developer ultimately chooses to take the entrepreneurial route, partner with a budding startup, or lead the charge of development within an established company, most developers can anticipate starting off as junior engineers.  After gaining real world experience, junior developers progress to full development or even senior development roles.

Software Developers

Many newly-certified software developers pursue careers with startups and business incubators. Working as a developer for an emerging business offers a unique challenge, as many such businesses are launching digital applications that serve as the focus of their entire operations. Popular examples in recent years include companies like Uber, Snapchat, and Slack, businesses built on their digital products.

Of course, demand for web developers and software engineers continues to grow at the heart of established companies, too. Modern consumers demand digital account access, mobile applications, and internet-based support from nearly every business they interact with, from banks to cable providers. Ensuring successful application deployment and actively supporting such products is a career path many developers ultimately pursue.