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Hands on Learning

At Woz U Foundation we believe every pupil deserves the opportunity to follow the learning pathway best suited to their unique skillsets and career goals. While some high school graduates ultimately pursue post-secondary studies at the collegiate level, we understand that this isn’t the right decision for every individual. Our curriculum provides hands-on learning initiatives for students interested in launching a career shortly after obtaining a high school diploma.

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge coursework to guide non-college-bound students on to a successful career path. These partners include Southern Careers Institute and Coder Camps, both prominent institutions within their respective fields. Not only is our curriculum easy-to-understand and specifically tailored to meet the needs of young students, but our dual-credit program allows for straightforward credit transfers, should students choose to pursue further certification and accreditation post-graduation.

Scholarships and Grants

In addition to the learning materials Woz U Foundation makes available, we also aim to champion the achievements of students who have successfully completed our high school courses. We offer multiple scholarship and grant opportunities in recognition of our students’ hard work and unique accomplishments. Beyond serving as financial incentives in motivating  high school students to continue their education, these awards also open the doors to further specialized instruction, an opportunity that might otherwise sit outside of a student’s reach.

Ultimately, our goal is simple: provide a practical pathway to success for nontraditional students seeking fulfilling, enjoyable careers after leaving school. By making our training resources available at no cost to high schools across the nation, we believe we can equip the next generation of would-be coders with the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy economic stability and continued growth opportunities for a lifetime.